Commercial targets Tropical Soda Apple

Tropical Soda Apple features in a new television commercial, screening in the Grafton to Nambucca region on Southern Cross 10, from August 4 until the end of the month.
The commercial advises stock owners to hold new cattle in yards for seven days to prevent spread of the weed to their properties. Tropical Soda Apple is becoming a major pest in the NSW North Coast region.


Wanted: Dead or alive!

Six high-priority noxious weeds featured in a North Coast Weeds Advisory Committee television advertising campaign earlier this year. They are Mysore Thorn, Kidney Leaf Mud Plantain, Kudzu, Tropical Soda Apple, Water Lettuce and Alligator Weed.
The advertisement, screening on the Southern Cross 10 network, from Grafton to Nambucca, featured the weeds on a Wild-West-style ‘wanted’ poster, with suitable voiceover. It described the weeds as ‘highly dangerous serial killers’ and said that the weed-control authority wanted them dead.


Beware of what you bring home!

Woody the Weed featured in a 30-second television commercial, which screened on Southern Cross 10 in November and December.
The commercial warned all property owners to beware of what they bring home.
It advised them to help prevent the spread of weeds by being careful not to buy weed-contaminated market produce, plants and stock feed.